Numbers in Words

The writing of numbers in words is unique, i.e. there are no different ways of writing a number in words, each digit is always written in the same way when transformed into text.

Sometimes, reference may be made to Roman numbers or Ordinal numbers when it comes to information on "numbers in words". Throughout our website, in addition to providing information on the correct way to write numbers in numerals, we offer the conversion of a value in Roman numbers and ordinal numers in case the question arises in relation to this way of writing numbers.

When to use numbers in numerals and when in words?

The use of numbers in text format will depend on the type of content to be written:

  • Scientific or technical texts: the use of numbers is recommended since the information should be as clear and concise as possible. For example, 150.
  • Literary texts: The orthographic rules recommend the use of numbers in letters for figures with a value lower than the number one hundred, when referring to numbers that are written with a single word (one thousand) and round numbers that are expressed in two words (One thousand).

List of numbers in letters

Discover the different lists of numbers in letters:

Numbers in Words

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